Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sight Unseen (and Sound Unheard) - More Blind and Deaf Purchases, June 2011 Edition

I had a hell of a good time making some purchases of totally new (to me) music in May and, on the road this week, decided to scan some of my favorite blogs and place an order for a few new records, hoping for a carton of albums to be waiting for me when I get home. Three sites, four records this time. The only rule is that I can never have heard the band before. I've gone so far this time to also ensure I resist checking out sound and video samples online as well. Here's what I grabbed this round and the great blogs that lead me there:
Warp RidersI owe these guys big-time for the Volbeat turn-on last time around and now the pressure's on as I went with a two-fer based on a May 1, 2011 post in which they "shoot the shit with Eagle Claw." Thrilled with the prospect of a band that can successfully make compelling hard rock sans vocals, I grabbed Eagle Claw's Poacher from 2010 (their nod to the influence of Dale Crover helped, too). The same interview repeatedly mentions The Sword. I've stopped at the cover of Warp Riders (also 2010) while thumbing through albums in stores more than once and always dig it so that, combined with Rockthought's 2010 Album of the Year honors, made it a pretty easy choice. To be honest, this all sounds right up my alley and is probably a pretty safe bet.

Dark & SpitefulI literally just discovered this blog this week thanks to an apparent shared love of Jungle Rot. It's maddening as this guy is right on the cutting edge and many of the bands I'm reading about here are just happening right now. I've run through a few posts from May for this month's blind order and went with Plector. 2011's Dark & Spiteful should hopefully be crushing my soul within a week. 

That Devil Music
Lupus DeiFirst I ever heard of Powerwolf (and, yes, the amount of feedback I am getting reminding me about how uneducated and uninformed I am about all things metal is beginning to trouble me) but the cover art was enough. From a guy who didn't know what metalcore was supposed to mean until embarrassingly recently I am worried my understanding of "power metal" as all things Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray-esque may likely be way, way off base but this Blood of the Saints artwork made this mother irresistible. That said, it isn't out yet so I grabbed 2007's Lupus Dei.

I am excited as hell to check out some new music and, finally, want to up the ante a bit. Two absolute favorites in the metal realm as of late have been Jungle Rot and Havok. And, last time around, Skindred did not do it for me at all. But - what I love about music is that it's so very subjective. One man's shit is the shit for another. So - if you're in the know, dig Skindred and would like a very gently used (i.e., played one time) import copy of Union Black, please drop a comment on this article making a compelling argument for another record I should check out in the vein of Havok or Jungle Rot. Whoever makes the strongest sell by Friday, June 10th, 2011 will be rewarded with Union Black (and I'll even throw in Babylon for good measure) as well as comfort in the knowledge that I will immediately add a record sale to the tally of the band they recommend. I'll also follow up with a post weighing in on my opinion of the record once it's been added to the collection. Please just make sure to leave an email in your comment so I can reach you for a mailing address - U.S. addresses only, please, as I like to limit my interaction with the postal service to a bare minimum.


  1. You're gonna love The Sword, gogma! And the Claw rulez!

  2. Oh, as far as what album you should check out, I would recommend Six Feet Under's "Warpath" album. Each 6FU album is a bit different, but Warpath is at their most grooviest, simplistic (in a good way), and HEAVY.

    It came out in the mid-90s and it still remains in my regular rotation.

  3. I'd recommend checking out a band called Dharmata. They don't have an official album released yet, so far just some demos. But they are releasing an album soon, produced by Benji Webbe of Skindred, coincidentally. They have some songs up on ReverbNation ( that you can check out! I also have a couple unreleased tracks from the new album that I could send you if you're interested. I hope you like them and let me know what you think!

  4. Six Feet Under's Warpath is it, Chicken Awesome. Thanks also to Jamie for the Dharmata suggestion - I did check out the ReverbNation site and will say I preferred them over the Skindred. In the end, though, I was looking for that thrash Havok has left me hungerin' for (and that Plector delivered as well) and hope to be rocking to Warpath within the week.