Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Misfits History Revisited! Don't You Mean "Revised?"

Still on the Misfits Version Whatever mailing list, I got a message this morning advertising "Limited Edition Vintage Misfits Shirts." Misfits History Revisited! the page proclaims.

How are these "vintage" when the only band member featured is the lone Jerry Only? Weren't there a few other noteworthy guys in this group? Who else loves the Beware EP cover art?  OK, now who wants a t-shirt with 1/4 of it?

I have stood by the newer incarnations of the Misfits for some time but with every last rat leaping overboard it is time for Jerry to hang it up, re-brand and continue as Jerry Only's [Whatever]. He has turned the Misfits into a sad, sad poor man's version of Kiss - re-writing the past and making and marketing everything but new music.

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