Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Check out SoulMotor's Wrong the Right Time!

A fun, new Twitter discovery, I happened across Sacramento, California's SoulMotor and their new album, Wrong the Right Time! on its release date June 28.

In a way oversimplified nutshell this feels like Dave Wyndorf driving a van full o'White Zombie, Thrill Kill Kult and Crud through the Southwest. This is thoroughly cinematic rock and roll. The brainchild of Tesla's Brian Wheat, these guys have real rock-n-roll pedigree, though, and this project has been around for 15 years. I'm just slower than most catching up.

My personal favorite off the bat is "Five Megatons of Love." You can check out the video for the leadoff track, "Down in Mexico," right here, right now:

You can stream the album in its entirety on the band's Facebook page, read more at, buy Wrong the Right Time! on iTunes or find the CD on Amazon later this week.

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