Thursday, September 8, 2011

New & Upcoming Releases and Reissues - September 13-October 4, 2011

Thrilled to death that today's mail brought a bagful o'Lich King and a box of Immolation. No Chthonic yet. Ran by Best Buy today hoping they may have a copy on the shelf and, of course, not even close. They did have more than one Chicago album, though. How many Chicago albums can one Best Buy sell ever? Anyway, the next few weeks are an embarrassment of riches and I cannot wait for the following:

Welcome 2 My Nightmare - Alice Cooper - September 13, 2011
Welcome 2 My NightmareI hate, hate, hate the cover, hamfisted homage to the original that it is. That said, Alice has yet to let me down and I have no doubt that the music within will deliver.

Worship Music - Anthrax - September 13, 2011
Worship MusicI am utterly disappointed that these guys aren't stopping anywhere in Ohio on their upcoming tour but won't let that diminish this album for me. Been looking forward to this one all summer, love what I've heard so far and hope the tour is such a success that a second leg brings them closer to the Buckeye State.

Welcome to the Morbid Reich - Vader - September 13, 2011
Welcome to the Morbid ReichThese dudes have been around forever. And they're supposedly consistently awesome. There is no reason this should not be superb.

Dear Mr. Fantasy - Jim Capaldi - September 20, 2011
Dear Mr FantasyTraffic and way beyond. This four-disc set traces Capaldi both in bands and solo from the 70s through the 90s across Island, Polydor, Carerre and Atlantic Records.

III - Chickenfoot - September 27, 2011
Chickenfoot IIII loved the first record by these guys. Here's hoping the second measures up as well. What makes it better?  The fact that, for some time, it was to be titled IV.

The Hunter - Mastodon - September 27, 2011
The HunterReally, who the hell won't be buying this record?

Unto the Locust - Machine Head - September 27, 2011
Unto the LocustHoping this one delivers on the promising rebirth that was The Blackening.

Live in Armenia - Uriah Heep - September 27, 2011
Live in ArmeniaHaving been blown away by these guys live recently, I will jump at any recent live recordings. This one comes from 2009 and is a double-disc accompanied by a DVD.

Devil's Rain - The Misfits - October 4, 2011
Devil's RainMore on this one here. We'll see...
Under a Frozen Sun - Thulcandra - October 4, 2011
Under a Frozen SunSecond record from this German Black Metal outfit. Frankly, not an all-out favorite, but technically excellent and, for some reason, I'm compelled to pick this one up.

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