Monday, September 5, 2011

Metal in the Mail: Lich King, Chthonic and a Shitload of Immolation

It's been a long while (for me, anyway) since some brand-new metal showed up and I am expecting a lot in the upcoming week. Here's hoping that a post-holiday Tuesday will pay off with a few parcels full of new music. Arriving soon in my home and on this blog:

Takasago Army - Chthonic
Takasago ArmyI fell deeply in love with 2009's Mirror of Retribution during some uninterrupted listening time on a plane a week or so back and immediately grabbed Chthonic's Seediq Bale (2006) and Relentless Recurrence (2007). While fairly straightforward progressive symphonic-tinged black metal (if that can be considered straightforward), the incorporation of Taiwainese instrumentation gives this band a flavor that sets them apart from the pack and is absolutely addictive. Takasago Army releases tomorrow, September 6, and I am hoping it's in my hands before the week's end.

Toxic Zombie Onslaught and World Gone Dead - Lich King
Toxic Zombie OnslaughtI became entirely obsessed with Lich King after some great exposure and a fantastic interview on the New Wave of Thrash Metal blog. Poring over everything they had online along with some listening I ordered their two most recent records from the band's merch site (I actually found their debut, Necromantic Maelstrom, in a real-life record store). I ordered these August 20 but know the band was touring until very recently and their Facebook site states they're shipping now. A return visit to their site tonight lists a new release, Super Retro Thrash, available and, even waiting for the first order, had to order this one tonight, too. Here's hoping the band stays put long enough to ship this one out before the next tour.

Close to a World Below, Shadows in the Light, Dawn of Possession and Harnessing Ruin - Immolation
Dawn of PossessionThis is turning into the summer of Immolation. The Metal Advisor turned me onto their latest, the magnificent Majesty & Decay. Then I find my beloved Jungle Rot is touring with the band this fall. I took advantage of a recent 10% off with free shipping code from and grabbed every Immolation record they had in stock. These run the gamut from their debut in '91 through 2007 and cover about a third of the band's discography. Much like Jungle Rot, this is 100% bullshit-free heavy metal. There is an almost emotionless, technically brilliant dissonance that defines Majesty & Decay and I am praying that the rest of the band's output falls into that same realm. These dudes are headlining what is looking to be a killer six-band show and I am hoping to bang my head in the most well-informed manner I can.


  1. The Lich King interview is one of my favorites! Mainly because of his talk on graphic design.