Sunday, September 11, 2011

Iced Earth Offers a Re-Recorded "Dante's Inferno" with Stu Block

photo by Justin Borucki
From Iced Earth's site (
“If there’s one song fans have asked us to play live more than any other it’s ‘Dante’s Inferno,’” Iced Earth main man Jon Schaffer said. “The simple reason why we haven’t is because the original click track was erased, therefore requiring a keyboard player to do the parts live.  That’s OK for a special event like when we recorded Alive in Athens, but to hire a keyboard player for a full tour, for one song, just isn’t financially feasible.”
This summer, during the recording of Dystopia, Iced Earth’s soon-to-be-released 10th studio album, the band entered the studio for the express purpose of remedying that situation – and emerged with a powerful rendition that’s (if possible) even more monumental than the original, which was the closing track on the band’s 1995 album Burnt Offerings.
Read the entire article (and download the track) here. In the meantime, listen from here (and help me test out Streampad) by clicking the black bar at the bottom of your screen.

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