Saturday, September 3, 2011

Misfits Offer New Old MP3 with Devil's Rain Pre-Order

The Misfits promo machine is operating at full speed for the upcoming Devil's Rain, due October 4. A long, convoluted email offers a variety of prizes and swag for pre-ordering the album ASAP. Here's the breakdown:

  • Order both Devil's Rain and Misfits Records act JuiceheaD's How to Sail a Sinking Ship and one person will win a black vinyl test pressing of the 12" "Twilight of the Dead" signed by the entire band (currently Jerry Only, Dez Cadena and Eric "Chupacabra" Arce - I am not kidding. See way below).
  • Order both Devil's Rain and Misfits Records act JuiceheaD's How to Sail a Sinking Ship and 50 second-prize winners get the 7" instrumental "Psycho in the Wax Museum" from 2006 (an instrumental piece of vinyl offered via the band's website for some time but now described as "long out of print and unavailable for sale anywhere").
  • All pre-orders of either album get you an instant MP3 download of "Twilight of the Dead.""Twilight of the Dead" was the b-side to "Land of the Dead" from 2009, admittedly an OK effort from the band. Apparently they have re-recorded both songs for Devil's Rain and have flipped the tracks making "Twilight..." the new single from Devil's Rain. So, basically, 1/8 of the album is already two years old.
There are also three versions of collectible "Twilight of the Dead" vinyl on the band's site including 138 sets of all three variations for $45.99 (for three 12" singles of a song you have had for two years only now it doesn't feature Robo).

The band's promo email also states "First press Ltd. Deluxe Edition CD digipak includes an exclusive 9.5” x 14” two-sided poster featuring the incredible cover art by Arthur Suydam (treated with Glow-In-The-Dark ink!), plus a fantastic new band portrait by legendary photographer Mick Rock on the reverse."

Finally, the new era is ushered in with the following pronouncement and poor homonym:
Jerry Only continues to keep the bonfires burning bright well into their third decade, guitarist Dez Cadena celebrates his 10th anniversary in the band, and drummer Eric “Chupacabra” Acre has officially joined the fiendish fold. Formerly known as “The Goat” Arce, has transformed into a “Chupacabra”. Having been a fixture in the ‘Fits touring lineup for over a decade, he was recently inducted a permanent member upon the retirement of original Misfits drummer Robo, who’d passed the torch in 2010.
A new “rain” of terror truly begins…prepare for the storm.

photo by Mick Rock - from

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