Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why does your band need seven members, Dr. Acula?

Are you Yes? No. Know why? Even they have the sense to keep it whittled down to five. And Steve Howe, currently resembling David Johansen's skeleton, outspookifys you all. All of you, I said!

Iron Maiden has six members. And three play guitar. What the hell does the guy with no sleeves do? "Unusual head:neck ratio" doesn't count as an album credit. Does it take this many people to write "Beer Pong Massacre?"

I'm sorry. I just learned of these guys today when I saw another photo of them all with coordinating bandanas and got so angry I went outside and shook my fist in the air. Then I came inside, sampled them on spotify and wept for America's youth. And, now, it's Miller time.


  1. Please get your information correct before posting your opinion. The seventh member is no longer in the band. Also the matching bandannas are apart of their look and gimmick that their fans love. Lastly, that photo is from 2009, they have had member changes.

  2. ^ Take a chill pill, Anon. Gogmagog was clearly intending for this to be a joke post.

  3. I feel really badly about posting mis-information. And I feel even worse for the band. How will they maintain their sound without the seventh member? And, more importantly, who will wear the extra bandana?