Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alice Cooper's cover art for Welcome 2 My Nightmare a, well, Nightmare.

Just got a look at the cover art for Alice Cooper's upcoming sequel to 1975's Welcome to My Nightmare, the originally titled Welcome 2 My Nightmare and it smacks of Wal-Mart exclusivity (not that it is - that I know of - it just looks that bad).

Produced by Bob Ezrin, the record reportedly includes at least three tracks recorded with original Alice Cooper band members Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce and is due to hit stores September 13, 2011. Here's hoping we cannot judge it by its cover.

1. "I Am Made Of You"      
2. "Caffeine"      
3. "The Nightmare Returns"      
4. "A Runaway Train"      
5. "Last Man On Earth"      
6. "The Congregation"      
7. "I'll Bite Your Face Off"      
8. "Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever"      
9. "Ghouls Gone Wild"      
10. "Something To Remember Me By"      
11. "When Hell Comes Home"      
12. "What Baby Wants"      
13. "I Gotta Get Outta Here"      
14. "The Underture"


  1. So,,,,,, does it sound any good?

  2. Will let you know once September 13 rolls around. Here's hoping so - AC hasn't let me down yet. This could be another post, though: good albums with bad covers...