Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Great Song: "Fiend Without a Face" - The Misfits - 1999

While I hold the current Misfits line-up at arm's length and warily await Devil's Rain, I have never been ashamed to profess my admiration for the Michale Graves-led incarnation of the band. Cuts from the Crypt was a great posthumous odds-and-sods roundup (staggering that it's now a decade old with virtually nothing noteworthy from the band since) with several outstanding tracks, the absolute best of which is "Fiend Without a Face."

With both music and lyric credited solely to Michale Graves, this track, along with "Bruiser," was recorded for the band's cameo in George A. Romero's Bruiser. And this is a Graves track through and through. The tempo, the dreamlike lyric, the 50s rock hybrid hooks (think "Saturday Night")... it's original rock encompassing the sound Only could only pay homage to on his Project 1950 covers record.

Jerry offers little by way of specifics in the album's liner notes: "'Fiend Without a Face' took Mike about a week or two of throwing it around until complete. Doyle helped with the ending." Seems to me a killer track tied to a film by a horror master would merit a little more commentary and I would love to hear Graves' insights on this number, one hell of a great song.


  1. I fucking LOVE all the 'b-sides' on Cuts From The Crypt. Dead Kings Rise is one of my favorite NewFits songs. Fiend Without A Face, Bruiser and No More Moments are all great. (I'll even throw in Devil Doll, though I don't love it as much as the others) All good stuff.

    And then Rise Above starts and you know it's time to turn the CD off.

    Though I will say, I can't really remember whichever one of those was meant for the ICP movie thing. Ugh. You knew it was bad times when they were working with Juggalos.

  2. You don't love Big Money Hu$tla$?!? Why, according to www.misfits.com the movie "debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts," you know, where the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences turns to come Oscar time (http://web.archive.org/web/200012050613/http://misfits.com/Update.html). John Caifero directed and I have not been impressed with any of his contributions to the Misfits canon (and I never could appreciate Osaka Popstar). That aside, Cuts from the Crypt is a great example of a "picking-up-the-pieces" compilation and I love most of it. They could have split it into two and sold the Mars Attacks demo as a separate CD and I would have been happy to pay for both. It is a crime that "1,000,000 Years B.C." was left off Famous Monsters.

  3. Friggin' MISFITS...hail yes! Gettin' ready to see the Danzig Legacy line-up in November. Rock on! \m/