Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New & Upcoming Releases and Reissues - August 16-September 6, 2011

I know there's a hell of a lot more coming out than what I list in these posts but this is what I'll actually be buying the next four Tuesdays:

Chaos of Forms - Revocation - August 16, 2011
Chaos of FormsTheir third full-length and follow-up to their big label debut, Existence is Futile, I have high hopes that Chaos of Forms will be another modern thrash classic.

In Concert 1970-1972 - Deep Purple - August 16, 2011
In Concert 1970-1972This is a reissue on Eagle records but will be new to me. Two separate BBC In Concert recordings from, of course, '70 and '72, In Concert is supposedly a more fiery - if less stellar sounding - alternative to Made in Japan.

Live in London - Deep Purple - August 16, 2011
Live in LondonAnother reissue (and another new to me), Live in London captures my favorite Coverdale/Hughes lineup and captures a complete 1974 show from the only British tour of the Mk 3 incarnation (Mk III: The Final Concerts will also be reissued on August 16 as well).

Sensory Overdrive - Michael Monroe - August 23, 2011
Sensory OverdriveI haven't kept up with any post-Hanoi Rocks solo work but this one has been popping up here and there and caught my attention to the point that I'll need to check it out. I believe this has been out overseas for almost six months.

Whitesnake & Northwinds - David Coverdale - August 23, 2011
WhitesnakeDavid Coverdale's first two solo records will finally see domestic reissue this month courtesy of Eagle Records. Looks like they'll be getting a lot of my money this month.

Rocked & Ripped - BulletBoys - August 30, 2011
Rocked & RippedI know almost nothing about this record other than a) it's apparently a covers record and b) it's on Cleopatra. This is when being a loyal BulletBoys completist really, really starts to hurt (also noteworthy that while I have committed to this purchase I am still on the fence regarding the same day releases by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lil' Wayne).

Down on the Bikini Line - Johnny Corndawg - August 30, 2011
Down on the Bikini LineI have never heard of Johnny Corndawg. But with a cover like this and song titles like "When a Ford Man Turns to Chevy" and "Silver Panty Liners" I cannot fathom how this could be a bad investment.

Takasago Army - Chthonic - September 6, 2011
Takasago ArmyI only recently heard Mirror of Retribution and think these guys are pretty damn interesting (Taiwanese melodic death metal - why not?). I plan to pick that one and the new release up at the same time.

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