Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Sunday: Father Befouled - Revulsion of Seraphic Grace (2012)

rotting godless throne 7" sold separately...
Hot on the heels of another Black Sunday entry, Red Streams of Flesh, I snatched up another project featuring Prosanctus Inferi's Jake Kohn, Father Befouled's Revulsion of Seraphic Grace, the band's third full-length record and a solid platter of crushing death.

The record's fantastic heavy jacket features some intense, intricate and appropriately blasphemous artwork courtesy of Richard Friend. A double-sided insert provides all the appropriate credits and some stellar band member photos. The cover is reproduced on a glorious 18x24" poster inclued within but the real beauty here is the copper-colored vinyl.  The platter itself is rendered in a very rich, barely transparent tone with traces of reds, yellows white and black. The jacket's sole splash of color on the band logo and title matches the vinyl perfectly and really creates an impressive package.

Revulsion of Seraphic Grace sounds great, too. The album was released by Dark Descent Records and is available in their webstore (currently priced at $14.45) as well as bandleader Justin Stubbs/Ghoat's own Archasm Releasing distro (currently priced at $15.00). It appears that both black and copper variants are still currently available so there's no excuse for not filling someone's stocking with Father Befouled this holiday season.

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