Sunday, November 11, 2012

Black Sunday: Nunslaughter - Hells Unholy Fire (2012)

Hells Headbangers recently reissued the debut full-length from extreme metal stalwarts Nunslaughter, Hells Unholy Fire. Originally out in 2000, a redesigned package improves yet still reveres the original artwork, much like the recent improvements to High on Fire's debut by Southern Lord. As, for me, a band like Nunslaughter exists on the fringe of my listening rotation, much of the appeal lies in the visual aspect of the records, almost as important as the musical. And like many of their records - and particularly vinyl reissues - Hells Headbangers do not disappoint here with regard to the physical product, its packaging and overall presentation.

A nice, heavy gatefold jacket retains the core image from the original release and casts everything into subdued shades of sepia. Similarly themed photographs grace the interior and reverse and an 18x24" poster is included as well. Out in the first half of 2012, this version of Hells Unholy Fire hit around the same time as Metal Blade's 50/50 split reissues from Electric Wizard. While occupying different genres, the two reissues are absolutely comparable in overall quality and, with complementary aesthetics, make a nice Satanic-themed set for the occult-obsessed. And while it's a single platter compared to double-LP sets, Hells Unholy Fire is kinder to the wallet at half the price of its devlish brethren.

The vinyl itself, a Pirate's Press product, is one of 500 copies in split in a rich shade of "beer" and black and complements the jacket's color scheme. Two-hundred picture discs were also pressed. Both versions remain available from the label's site and, currently priced at $14.44, Hells Unholy Fire is a hell of a deal.

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