Sunday, August 12, 2012

Black Sunday: Prosanctus Inferi - Red Streams of Flesh (2011)

For this week's Black Sunday I am double-dipping again, this time for Prosanctus Inferi's Red Streams of Flesh, first reviewed here in February. I've been slightly obsessed with this act ever since being blown away with the sole time I caught them live. A 20-minute 12", Red Streams of Flesh was a must-have for me on vinyl as, since I got the CD, listening to this record has been a "sit and soak it in" experience and, as much as I love the CD, Red Streams of Flesh seems to demand a larger vehicle with which to transport its sound into my listening space. Plus, frankly, I wanted a closer look at the convoluted, intricate artwork.

The sound on Red Streams of Flesh was superb to begin with and I cannot pretend that the vinyl is a vast improvement. This will boil down to personal preference and I find both formats communicating powerfully here. Likewise, inserts on the CD were reproduced fairly faithfully and the vinyl offers little extra aside from scale. You've got to read the etchings to discern the A-side from the B as both labels are adorned only with slightly differing depictions of mortal meat.

Both formats come from the Nuclear War Now label who maintain a great website with massive inventory and, most importantly, ship quickly and carefully with plenty of friendly updates as the order processes and progresses toward your home. The label also offers a "Die Hard Red" edition of the record in, of course, red vinyl along with a patch and decal for three bucks more than the basic black version (itself very fairly priced at $10.00).


  1. I'm glad you like this record enough to get it on both formats! I appreciate your words ... I had noticed you mentioned you had the 'Pandemonic... ' CD as well as the 'Red Streams' CD - I should state that the CD and LP version of the 'Red Streams' release is essentially the same, however the LP version of Pandemonic has a COMPLETELY different mix and master than the CD version. The LP version mix is much more powerful and punishing. It had been completely remixed and remastered but the label already pressed the CD's and so the CD version was stuck with the SHIT mix/master due to miscommunication with the label ... hence the move to NWN! productions for us ... As such it would be worth your time to grab the LP of Pandemonic if you want something a little different ... It is sold out from the label (hells headbangers) but shouldn't be to hard to find in other distros or on ebay .. unfortunately I only have my personal copy left! Otherwise I would sell you one directly! Thanks again!


    1. Jake,

      Thanks so much for your reply! Playing the two CDs side by side, I definitely noticed that RED STREAMS... was a sonic improvement. I haven't had any luck finding PANDEMONIC... on wax but, now, knowing it's a superior mix will definitely hunt it down. Thanks again for taking the time to leave a note and, more importantly, making the music to begin with. I cannot wait to catch Prosanctus Inferi live again.