Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kingsblood EP release show slated for April 15. Oh, yeah...Skeletonwitch and Dismemberment will be there, too. Ohio may damn well burst into flames.

Another day, another EP release show... if only every week were this glorious. Skeletonwitch confirmed today that they'll be performing in Columbus on April 15 at Skully's Music Diner (yep, that's the day after Death on the Vine). Icing on the cake? Dismemberment and Kingsblood are opening. Icing on the fucking icing? It's doubling as a Kingsblood EP release show. If you haven't yet experienced their full-on Nordic soul-ravaging, make this a priority. Just bought my own ticket (go here) and am gearing up for a kick-ass weekend come mid-April. Check out the equally kick-ass artwork brewed up by Kingsblood's own guitar slinger, Jason "McFly" Kincaid.

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