Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wallpaper Among Us: 13 of My Favorite Pieces of Danzig Art

a promo slick from the 6:66 era.
I like this one solely because labels
promoting bands in this manner
seems so quaint nowadays.
Long ago and far away, I was unmarried, childless and invested solely in selfish pursuits. One of the less chemical of these was lurking around record shops, collecting music like a fiend and befriending clerks and label reps in the process. I had many musical tastes but chief among these was - and has always been - the music of Glenn Danzig. As a result, I started to accumulate posters and swag a'plenty and, before long, had a home more or less exclusively decorated in homage to this master of the dark arts. A long overdue garage clean-up had me pulling many of these from dusty tubes this weekend and I thought I'd share in the event there may be any other nostalgic fiends out there who, like me, just cannot let go of this stuff. It's all in rough shape thanks to a frozen pipe way back when and, admittedly, years of neglect. Still, I am trying to convince the wife it just may liven up the spare room in, of course, the basement.

Many of my collection are label promos aimed at record shops. A few of these beauties I actually had framed. I still love these two in particular. III: How the Gods Kill due to its unique verticality and Collection II for its massive monochrome graphic. Apologies for the glare and angles on these and all that follow. A photographer I am not.

I also have quite a few vintage tour posters. I love the Danzig at the Starwood just because its so early on and on incredibly heavy paper. The photo of the How the Gods Kill tour poster in no way does the artwork justice due to a glare I could not diminish. It's a big poster with the richly-colored Simon Bisley artwork in all its glory.

My Samhain poster collection is the most limited in its scope and I like these two in particular. The reissue promo poster (as well as the promo at the lead of this post) came in a bundle from a conact at e-magine with whom I struck up an e-mail correspondence at the time. For as much grief as I have given the label for their shoddy reissue quality, I love this poster in that, for some time, record stores were conceivably carrying and promoting the entire Samhain catalogue. The one below it appeals to me as I like to imagine it's a real tour poster but its great condition added to the lack of any space for venue details tells me it's either a reproduction or all-out fake.

While not related to Glenn Danzig, these "new" Misfits posters are appropriately garish and cartoony for the Graves-era  reincarnation. Famous Monsters is another label promo aimed at record stores and this particular Resurrection poster features dates from '98 in the NY/NJ area (and, at the time, Anthrax and Cannibal Corpse were opening for the band). The 25th Anniversary piece was a gift from a fellow Balzac fan. It's a magazine page, I believe, but I really dig the black-and-white photos, particularly the shot of Doyle.

This "subway-sized" monster is probably an unauthorized poster as it has zero copyright or label info but nonetheless served as the centerpeice in my living area for many a year (that is, if you could draw your eyes from the Legacy of Brutality tapestry that functioned as a curtain). The photo here cannot do justice to its scale as it is near six feet high.

I have at least two copies of this one. One is definitely a recent reprint but the one pictured is a very, very abused original. I have always loved this particular poster advertising Glenn's one and only solo vocal release.

And, finally, my all-time favorite. I do not know the story behind the printing of this particular poster. I have never seen another like it and have no idea if it was "official," coincided with the Walk Among Us release or when in the band's history it was created. This baby is tattered and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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