Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All the shit I didn't buy today

Walk the Walk Talk the TalkHaving blown the only cash left in my wallet on Hobo with a Shotgun and The Head Cat I found myself cash poor on another new release Tuesday and, despite my own lists of upcoming releases and reissues, missed a few new items entirely. Thank the gods that payday is coming and Saturday will be glorious catch-up: 

A Rose for the Apocalypse - Draconian
A Rose for the ApocalypseI lost touch with these guys entirely after The Burning Halo and guess I've missed another record since then. Sounds like I have two albums to buy from the Swedes.

All Guts, No Glory - Exhumed
All Guts No GloryAnother band I didn't even know was still around. I have none of their material on the shelf (even I couldn't quite reconcile myself with their sleeves. With Jungle Rot fever still ablaze I may need a dose of this to keep me going.

Festivals of the Wicked - Iced Earth
Festivals of the WickedI'll get my domestic copy next week. It's cheaper, anyway, but it's a sad state of affairs when a fine metal outfit from right here in the States gets the attention they deserve overseas. I know these guys are far from alone in this respect but some lucky Europeans are rocking out as I type to both the CD and companion DVD. I'll join you in a week, mes frères!

Bottom Line - Sinner
Bottom LineSome Scorp/Priest-y German metal from the mid-90s reissued (and, import only). This one's reaching a bit, admittedly, and won't make the top of the list though I need to hear "Rage of a Hurricane" again.

Kind of.


Probably not.

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