Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New & Upcoming Releases and Reissues - July 19-August 9, 2011

Looking like a pretty slow few weeks ahead. But, hey, there is Powerwolf.

Kill All Control - George Lynch - July 19, 2011
Kill All ControlNot quite sure how this differs from The Lynch Mob but from what I hear, the sound is similar.

Robin Trower Live - Robin Trower - July 26, 2011
Robin Trower LiveRemastered reissue from '76, circa For Earth Below.

Cerebral Ballzy - Cerebral Ballzy - July 26, 2011
Cerebral BallzyThis is one of those I will buy solely based upon their name and the album sleeve.

Blood of the Saints - Powerwolf - August 2, 2011
Blood of the SaintsEasily the release I am most anticipating over the next month. Powerwolf sounds exactly like the cover art makes you think they would.

Icky Mettle - Archers of Loaf - August 2, 2011
Icky MettleSome of the best rock to hit the campus in 1993, this raging double-guitar debut reissue is remastered by Bob Weston with liner notes by Robert Christgau. A second disc includes the entire Archers of Loaf vs. The Greatest of All Time EP as well as singles and B-sides. 

Doctrine - Pestilence - August 2, 2011
DoctrineGhost called. They want their aesthetic back.

In Waves - Trivium - August 9, 2011
In Waves (Special Edition)I know it's trendy for "real metal fans" to naysay Trivium but, to be honest, I still really like everything they've done to date. I will definitely give this one a go as well.

Baldur - Skalmöld - August 9, 2011
BaldurI know nothing about this except: 1) there's a man with an axe, 2) there's an umlaut and 3) they're on Napalm records, home of Alestorm. Sold.

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