Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Upcoming Releases and Reissues - May 17-May 23, 2011

There are some exciting new items popping up on the schedule through May - mostly a boatload of incredible reissues. Get the wallet out and plug in the headphones....

Queens of the Stone Age - Queens of the Stone Age - May 17, 2011
This debut, originally from Man's Ruin and long out of print, has been remastered and upgraded with three other long-lost Man' Ruin EP tracks, “The Bronze” & “These Aren’t the Droids Your Looking For” from the 1998 split EP with Beaver and “Spiders and Vinegaroons” from the posthumous split EP with Kyuss.  A must-have/must-hear.
Queens of the Stone Age (Remastered) (Bonus Tracks)

Rockaholic - Warrant - May 17, 2011
A new Warrant album?  Why not?  Better that than a Go-Gos reissue. This is their first release with Robert Mason (former Lynch Mob) on vocals.

Let Love In, No More Shall We Part, The Boatman's Call & Murder Ballads - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - May 17, 2011
The deluxe reissues of Nick Cave's catalogue continue with four later entries from his discography. Each disc is accompanied by a DVD featuring the remastered album in 5.1surround sound, B-sides, videos and more.
Let Love InNo More Shall We PartThe Boatman's CallMurder Ballads

Nine Tonight & Live Bullet - Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - May 17, 2011
Remastered for the first time ever, these two essential Seger releases feature one bonus track each ("I Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home" on Live Bullet and "Brave Strangers" on Nine Tonight) and restored artwork.
Nine TonightLive Bullet

Roadkill Rising: The Bootleg Collection 1977-2009 - Iggy Pop - May 17, 2011
This four-disc set from Shout! Factory covers concert selections from the Stooges through the present. This thing looks like a monster and would be worth it based on the cover alone. Buy this directly from Shout! Factory and get a free CD of Live at the Old Waldorf: San Francisco - November 27, 1979 - limited to 400 copies!
Roadkill Rising: The Bootleg Collection 1977-2009 (4 CD)

Queen, Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, A Night at the Opera & A Day at the Races - May 17, 2011
It may seem kind of hard to get too excited about another set of Queen reissues and seems like yesterday we were blessed with the excellent Hollywood Records rollout of the 25th Anniversary set. That said, we're at 40 years now and here we go again - this time each album is a two-disc set with the remastered recording on disc 1 and disc 2 filled with rarities.  Looks like a chronological campaign and the first five records are available individually or as a deluxe box set.

Queen (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) Queen 2Sheer Heart AttackNight at the OperaDay at the RacesQueen 40 Limited Edition Collector's Box Set [Amazon.com Exclusive]

Sick - Duff McKagan's Loaded - May 23, 2011
Only two years after it dropped this one sees a two-disc reissue. The second disc is a DVD featuring a live show in Scotland, some webisodes and more. Grab it if for no reason other than to choose an alternative to Lady Gaga (because it looks like everyone else chickened out when it comes to a May 23rd release date).

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