Saturday, April 16, 2011

Get Your Buzz On Live - Chickenfoot - Hitting Palladia HDTV April 30-May 4

I have collected hundreds of rock films.  A huge variety of live shows, some phenomenal and many, many overedited, poorly dubbed messes. In the last few months I have run across a few gems, one of which is Chickenfoot's live DVD companion to their self-titled, excellent debut album.

Shot in HD in Phoenix, Get Your Buzz On loosely follows the album's running order (subtracting only "Runnin' Out"), adding in the vinyl-only number, "Bitten by the Wolf," Montrose's "Bad Motor Scooter" and a cover of "My Generation." This band - Joe Satriani, Chad Smith, Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar - has a great interplay and are an extremely tight unit, unsurprising given the pedigree of the players. The songs are great fun and the performances energetic but what sets this film apart is the simplicity of its presentation. You don't cut every second, you don't get bombarded by effects and shaky cameras, you don't get more shots of the audience than the band. You get a no-frills, straightforward view of professionals having one hell of a good time.

Add to all of this an extra actually worth watching: an hour-long "documentary" following each of the band members throughout a variety of interview, publicity and tour segments. They all have a great sense of humor and are having such a good time it's hard not to be envious - why can't this be my job?

Get Your Buzz On looks positively vibrant on blu-ray and can be seen in all its HD glory on Palladia between April 30 and May 4. Just be warned: once you see it, you'll need to own it.
Chickenfoot: Get Your Buzz On - Live [Blu-ray]

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