Thursday, August 23, 2012

Transparent Vinyl: Boxes, Buttons & a 'Bot

So, apparently, all this record-making business moves slowly. And by slowly, I mean in comparison to my usual "immediate results"/"instant gratification" mindset.  While I don't have wax in hand - or even on order yet - things are progressing. I have two projects that fit my current budget in differing stages and, while neither is ready for announcement, I am pleased as hell to say both are music that absolutely, honestly moves me and I will be thrilled to death if and when they come to fruition. The reality: bands are made of multiple people, most of whom work and deal with families just like anyone else, none of whom move at exactly the same speed, all with varying degrees of motivation and their contribution to the project also requires time, money and, above all, creation of art, which happens on its own damn timetable.

In the meantime, my antsy self is trying to keep busy without getting too far off track. This much is done:
  • The basic website is complete. Stellar design thanks to Mack Sabbath of Band pages, e-commerce and additional content will be added as we get closer to defined release dates. This is all anchored and inspired by the logo designed by R. Lawrence Blake from the New Wave of Thrash Metal Blog. The standard artist agreement draft (always subject to negotiation) is posted for download in the site's footer and can also be accessed here.
  • An additional design element was donated by a friend and graphic artist who wishes to go uncredited. I'm using the Gogbot above as an extra marketing design as well as an avatar replacement for the copyright-chafing General Urko I'd had in place since this blog's inception. The sci-fi feel complements the monolithic G label logo and also pays homage to the comic books, films and fiction that have proven a constant inspiration since childhood.
  • All the dull stuff, bank accounts, registration, PO boxes... is either done or in process. Gogmagogical Records can be reached via the U.S. Mail at P.O. Box 211, Vandalia, Ohio 45377.
  • In terms of even more dull stuff, I've been shopping/pricing/comparing vinyl mailers, testing and weighing and working to calculate the lowest possible realistic, fair shipping prices.
  • I've started testing some small batches of marketing/giveaway swag. With many thanks to Jacob Shively of Dismemberment for his insight, experience and recommendations regarding sources, I've got the usual buttons and decals moving and have a few other options I'd like to explore once we have some traction in terms of musical output on the calendar. To date, buttons are in hand, turned around with incredible speed and top-notch quality from Jimmy Buttons, a fellow Ohioan.
I have gotten some decent response in terms of submissions for consideration for recording. It has been fun to listen to all of them, exciting to consider a few and downright humbling that anyone would send anything my way at all. The Metal Advisor has provided great ideas and feedback along the way and, along with all the other good people mentioned above, this truly feels like some sort of team as opposed to a solo pursuit. I am hoping we'll be able to post some exciting partnerships really soon. In the meantime, there are certainly worse ways to spend one's time than listening to kickass music and researching the vinyl pressing process.

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