Friday, July 20, 2012

Transparent Vinyl: Pressing Gogmagogical Records

So all of this is still happening. Little by little and more slowly than I would like (an upside of slowly is that it is currently synonymous with less financially demanding), but happening nonetheless. There's not a lot of fun DIY-type stuff I am able to share yet but I am amassing things that may prove interesting if and when this gets off the ground properly. In the meantime, feel free to peek, warts and all, at the awkwardly growing (also now resident at the menu bar above as a separately-linked page - we're still really, really embryonic with a lot of demo/trial/placeholder material). This is truly a labor of love with the initial band in my sights yet-to-be-named while we sort through the details and all sorts of kind compatriots from this informal metal network overwhelming me with their generosity and expertise. Mack Sabbath at Rockthought is kindly assisting with web design and layout, The Metal Advisor is living up to his moniker and doing exactly that: providing invaluable insight, assistance and feedback throughout and, for my most weighty, favorite milestone yet, R. Lawrence Blake from The NWOTM Blog has hewn a monolith of a logo which is, simply, badass. That's a good place to stop for now and one hell of a start.

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