Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Scum Guilt - Scum Guilt - 2012

What's a filthy mess, lasts three minutes but can take hours to penetrate? Yes, an encounter I had freshman year of college with a Greek girl but also, for this blog's purposes, Scum Guilt's eponymous EP.  This unholy amalgamation of factions of my beloved Buckeye metal masters, Dismemberment and Kingsblood, vomit a heap of grind in three violent retches, each serving spewing forth at roughly the same tempo, structure, and preceded and followed by feedback. It's the tiny chunks here that distinguish one sonic heap from another and reward the careful listener: the solitary clean chord struck five seconds before the end of "Ignorance," the drumsticks counting off two seconds into "Filth" and its ramshackle skeleton of a riff, or the presence of actual discernible percussion in the record's 67-second epic, "Fronter." Not for the weak of heart nor anyone desiring melody, this is grindcore cut to the bone, pulverized, marrow sucked clean, regurgitated and fucking reanimated. If this is your thing in any way, the rehearsal demos available are definitely worth grabbing, too. I have to be honest and say I have no idea if these are the same tracks or not but sonically they tilt much more toward the percussion and provide an entirely different experience. Both are available at whatever price you think is fair at Scum Guilt's bandcamp site. Be generous but be forewarned: they may just make more.

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