Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Metal in the Mail: In Solitude, Christian Mistress, 3, Vallenfyre & More

Today's mail delivery brought a massive amount of music to my doorstep, finally fulfilling some items that have lingered for too long on my wishlist. From the three cartons heaved toward my door by the USPS, the following metal emerged: Christian Mistress' Possession and Agony and Opium, Abigail Williams' Becoming, Vallenfyre's A Fragile King, In Solitude's The World, The Flesh, The Devil, 3's The Ghost You Gave to Me, Woods of Ypres' Woods 4: The Green Album and the Love & Rockets tribute, New Tales to Tell (not necessarily metal but with the likes of Black Francis, Maynard Keenan/Puscifer, Davey Havok, Monster Magnet and more, it defies categorization).

A few of these I've heard enough of to know they were needs versus wants and a few (In Solitude, 3, Abigail Williams) are straight-up blind purchases. Looking forward to wrapping this week up with a lot of listening as well as plenty of review fodder for the next few days.

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