Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hell, yes. New Recordings Underway for Dismemberment, Kingsblood

The Christmas season always seems slooooooow for new releases but I am heartened as I follow two of my local Ohio favorites, Dismemberment and Kingsblood, and read that both are busy at work writing and/or recording new material due in the new year.

Just two weeks ago Kingsblood posted:
KINGSBLOOD will be hitting the studio in mid Jan. to record a 4 or 5 song EP. So far KINGSBLOOD has a full 4 songs now clocking in at 30 minutes of epicness and with a 5th probably around 36. The hits keep coming so prepare thyself. This shit is just getting more brutal.

The composition should be up for download on iTunes at the end of Jan and will be sold at shows as well. (Then shirts).

Dismemberment aurally kicking my ass back on 10/14.
Dismemberment's recording progress for their new EP can be followed both on the Facebook page and on the blog for Paper Tiger Studios. There are fabulous photos and videos here and I cannot wait to hear what these guys are cooking up for the follow-up to the magnificent The Condemned.

And, for those within any reasonable driving distance of Columbus, this weekend will see both bands onstage at a Very Bless the Child Christmas. Work schedules will keep me away (stupid sustenance...) and I am devastated that I'm going to miss this show, scheduled for 7:00 PM at The Dude Locker, 527 East Hudson. Only three bucks to get in or $2 a single canned food item to be donated to the Mid Ohio Food Bank. The massive lineup will be as follows:

I would love to hear from anyone who attends as I am sure it will be absolutely excellent. To add insult to injury, I had planned a trip to the Alrosa Villa for this Wednesday's birthday to treat myself to Kingsblood opening for Korpiklaani and read this morning that Kingsblood canceled this one last month due to conflicting work schedules (hey, Alrosa, update your website...). Sounds like work is fucking us all over. So be it. Rock and roll will endure.

Kingsblood. they get up at seven and go to work at nine.
seems to me they could live their life a lot
better than they think they am.

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