Monday, May 16, 2011

Upcoming Releases and Reissues - May 23-June 14, 2011

Good stuff coming just around the corner...

Box Set - Orange Goblin - May 23, 2011
The domestic release of what was a limited edition five-CD box set from the stoner band containing five albums recorded for the Rise Above label: Frequencies From Planet Ten, Time Travelling Blues, The Big Black, Coup De Grace and Thieving From The House Of God. All albums presented in deluxe digipacks including bonus material. Features never before seen pictures and exclusive liner notes from singer Ben Ward. Click here to order.

Heavy Rocks and Attention Please - Boris - May 24, 2011
Attention PleaseHeavy RocksThink you know doom?  Think you've heard sludge?  Not if you haven't heard Boris, you haven't. Makes their namesake Melvins seem downright poppy by comparison. Heavy Rocks promises more of the same and the simultaneous Attention Please promises an absolute curveball with melodic vocal tunes by Wata. Not sure about the latter but almost have to check it out.

Infected - Hammerfall - May 24, 2011 (Limited Edition Import)/June 7, 2011
InfectedThis limited edition of the latest from the band who puts the "power" in power metal comes with a DVD with videos for five of its tracks. The single-disc edition lands domestically on June 7, 2011.

Epicus Doomicus Metallicus - 25th Anniversary Edition - Candlemass - May 24, 2011
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus: 25th Anniversary EditiThis doom metal classic is commemorated with a remastered 2-disc edition, featuring a "commentary" on the album by Leif Edling on the second disc.

Speed of Darkness - Flogging Molly - May 31, 2011
Speed Of DarknessDave King's Celtic punk outfit addresses the economic collapse on their fifth studio record. Every one thus far has been an all-out winner. Probably a better bet than the stock market.

Skeletons & Majesties - Gamma Ray - May 31, 2011
Skeletons & MajestiesThis EP from Gamma Ray contains new recordings of classic tracks, acoustic versions and one rare B-side:
1. Hold Your Ground 
2. Brothers
3. Send Me a Sign 
4. Rebellion in Dreamland
5. Wannabees 
6. Brothers (extended version) 
7. Rebellion in Dreamland (karaoke version)

Live at Donington 1990 - Whitesnake - June 7, 2011
Live at Donington 1990June 7 sees a simultaneous release of CD, DVD and CD/DVD versions of the legendary Monsters of Rock show from the Steve Vai/Adrian Vandenberg/Rudy Sarzo/Tommy Aldridge line-up of David Coverdale's incredible, unstoppable band.

Ninth - Peter Murphy - June 7, 2011
NinthWonder how many solo albums Peter Murphy put out before this one?

A Treasure - Neil Young - June 14, 2011
A Treasure (CD)Neil Young's stint with the International Harvesters is documented on this 12-track live set from '84-'85. Five of the twelve tracks are previously unreleased.

More to come always.


  1. Your updates are for tCDs only or Dvd's as well.....

    I am awaiting the release of Phoeni Rising which should be released 20th May....

  2. I show May 24 for Deep Purple's Phoenix Rising outisde the USA - not sure if the DVD is region-free or not - anyone out there know? I can see the CD listed for domestic release in the States but not until June 28