Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The $45.99 Record

This YouTube post by VinylJunkies666 has hit our label's Facebook and Twitter but is worth reposting here. Here are the facts for Gogmagogical Records and, very likely, many other small labels. At limited quantities of 300-500, a 12" record with printed jackets costs very close to $10 a record to produce. At 12,000, such as the Relapse release in question, even with a full-color deluxe gatefold and custom colors, they're likely looking at $4-5 for a single disc, not quite twice for a double-LP. Even if it cost twice as much it would be insanely marked-up. Anyone who has looked into pressing vinyl knows the price breaks that come with high quantities and a power player like Relapse has it all over small indies and zero excuse for this kind of gouging.

We make $1-2/record, tops. Two of our three releases thus far are actually priced at a net loss. Every penny goes back into the next record. If I want to release more, I need to sell more. Not one cent goes into my pocket. Of course, the dream would be that someday a label could serve as an income and become a full-time job. Know what I would have to do to make that happen? Pressing 12,000 records and selling them at $45.99 apiece would be a start. In lieu of that, I'm satisfied to work 9-5 for someone else to support my family, press and sell 300 records at $10 each in my off hours and finance the next record in full. The fans can buy more music, the bands can sell more music and I can make more records. Happiness achieved all around.

Please continue to support the small guys and, above all, remember vinyl is first and foremost about the music. We all love fondling records but if we feed the beast $45 to do so, none of us will be able to afford our habits for very long.

Please take a moment and share the above video. It's the most concise, simple and passionate statement I've seen on the subject in a while that obviously comes from a music lover. Thanks!

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  1. I just saw this and couldn't agree more. This is why I don't really have any 'major' label vinyl, it's fucking bullshit. And for whatever reason, Metal labels seem to be worse about this kinda stuff.

    It's one thing when it comes with extra swag/trinkets (and even then, it's going to have be a band I'm already in love with) Records shouldn't cost more than concert tickets.