Monday, July 15, 2013

Transparent Vinyl: The End of Violence, Mountain for a Molehill, Vinyl Vikings and Coupon Codes.

So, as I like to update every now and then,here's a look at current numbers and the general Gogmagogical Records state of the union, release by release:

Fister - Violence (GOG001)

Violence spoiled me. It's a beast and it has moved quickly. In fact, quantities are dwindling to the "oh, shit, I better get one now" level. I just saw these guys at the last two dates on their summer tour and they deliver the goods live. Fans were drooling over all their vinyl and I restocked their Violence stores with a good portion of my remaining stock.

Here are the facts: 1) these will sell out; 2) any potential re-press possibility is unknown; 3) we will not re-press with multiple jacket variations. Quantities available as of this exact moment are:
I: Artwork by Coby Ellison.  Lavender base with black and white mixed vinyl: 17 remain.

II: Artwork by Clark Medley. Opaque white base with black mixed vinyl: 15 remain.

III: Artwork by Travis Lawrence. Translucent green base with yellow mixed vinyl: 16 remain.

IV: Artwork by Scott Fogelbach. Transparent dark red base with black mixed vinyl: 15 remain.

V: Artwork by Josh Rowan. Transparent blue base with black and white mixed vinyl: 4 remain.

Get one now. If you want a set of five, move even faster.

Cold Blue Mountain - S/T (GOG003)

The Cold Blue Mountain record is fan-fucking-tastic. Press has been overwhelmingly positive. Sales are, admittedly, more sluggish than I would hope. Listen to it. I am convinced that if people hear it, they'll want it. I am likewise convinced that once people handle the artwork from Holy Mountain they'll show their friends. I am further convinced they'll then play the record for their friends. I am finally convinced their friends will then buy it.

Here's a good chance to be that first guy in that chain. Through the end of July use code COLDBLUEMTN and get the record for only eight bucks. That is a huge loss per record for me but I have faith that a little word of mouth is all that's needed.

Kingsblood - Trudging Through the Field of Crows (GOG002)

This little EP is picking up rave reviews. Sales have been brisk though definitely focused in the band's home base of Columbus, Ohio. Watch for more press and a few promotions soon. This is a mean, massive sound in a seven-inch package and three-packs are flying. Like Fister, even with a re-press we won't repeat ourselves, and once these introductory colors are gone, they're gone.

Finally, there are lots of coupon codes still hanging out there on the site. While the Cold Blue Mountain code will only last two weeks, these others never expire. Mix and match 'em and take me to the cleaners:

  • GOGPATCH - Add a Free Patch When Buying Two or More Records
  • FREETOTE - Add a Record Bag Free When Buying Two or More Items
  • VIOLENCE - Spend $20, Get $4 Off a Fister Tee
  • COLDBLUE - $2 Discount on a Cold Blue Mountain Tee With the Purchase of a Record

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