Sunday, September 16, 2012

Black Sunday: Horn of the Rhino - Weight of Coronation (2010)

Some records are heavy to hear and some are heavy to lift. Weight of Coronation, the double-LP debut (in name) by Horn of the Rhino (previously known simply as Rhino), is both. This was a "I must have it for its cover" blind purchase and, even at $30+ total, one I have not regretted. The Spanish band brings a High on Fire groove aesthetic topped with straight up hard rock vocals, crafting a grandiose stoner sound deserving of a big, fat vinyl vehicle. And that's exactly what Horn of the Rhino and Czech Republic label Doomentia deliver on Weight of Coronation.


This is Pirates Press vinyl and the quality is top-notch. The wax itself is hefty and clean and sounds downright killer. I am not sure if another source crafted the jacket but I simply do not own another record whose jacket is printed on stock this heavy. It's thick to a fault, all but guaranteeing a tear in the side of the records' sleeves if you tried to actually store them in the jacket. That said, the cover artwork, by Rafa Garres, is absolutely worthy of a frame and prominent display and it would not be unthinkable to order a second copy simply to do exactly that.

Doomentia offers purchase straight from their site though prices are all in Euros for those of us in the States and who can guess what shipping times would be? The site is fun as hell to browse, though, and anyone interested in colored vinyl and deluxe packaging will have their mouth watering immediately. All That is Heavy currently carries about twenty Doomentia titles including Weight of Coronation. They only made 400 of these. Buy two: one for the wall, one for your soul. Just be prepared to drop some serious postage: Weight of Coronation is heavy.


  1. Definitely have to check this out. Never heard of 'em. Sounds pretty damb lead belly. YEAH!

  2. Their performance at the Resurrection Fest was insane. If you like DOWN, Red Fang or High on Fire (as noticed in the post) this should be an easy pick :)