Saturday, January 14, 2012

Death, Dismemberment and more: My 2012 Metal Wishlist

With Relapse Records' upcoming double-live Vivus from Death due on February 28 and already ordered, I started browsing Amazon as well as various mags and have planting the seeds for a 2012 pre-order wishlist. Just a tiny fraction of what's on the way - at some point this year...

Blood for the Master - Goatwhore - February 14, 2012
I only recently got hooked on these guys due to an impressive live outing. Valentine's day is going to be all the sweeter this year with this on the turntable.

Vivus - Death - February 28, 2012
Two live sets from '98, Vivus collects shows from the Whisky A Go Go and Dynamo Open Air festival in Eindhoven, Holland:
Disc 1 - Live In Hollywood (1998)

01. The Philosopher
02. Spirit Crusher
03. Trapped In A Corner
04. Scavenger Of Human Sorrow
05. Crystal Mountain
06. Flesh And The Power It Holds
07. Zero Tolerance
08. Zombie Ritual
09. Suicide Machine
10. Together As One
11. Empty Words
12. Symbolic
13. Pull The Plug

Disc 2 - Live In Eindhoven (1998)

01. The Philosopher
02. Trapped In A Corner
03. Crystal Mountain
04. Suicide Machine
05. Together As One
06. Zero Tolerance
07. Lack Of Comprehension
08. Flesh And The Power It Holds
09. Flattening Of Emotions
10. Spirit Crusher
11. Pull The Plug

S/T - Corrosion of Conformity - February 28, 2012
Apparently a Pepper-less outing, the now-trio COC has a new LP due out on Candlelight very soon. John Custer remains as producer - anxious to hear what happens here.

Torture - Cannibal Corpse - March 13, 2012
Having been obsessed this week with 2009's Evisceration Plague and only recently having completed my Cannibal Corpse collection, this may well be my most anticipated album currently assigned a release date.

Denied Salvation - Dismemberment - [release date unknown]
Dismemberment's upcoming self-released EP should surface early this year and I am dying to hear it, being utterly blown away by The Condemned in 2011. Paper Tiger Studios provided nice coverage of the recording process on their blog and have one track, "Perpetual Malice," currently posted to whet our appetites.
Dismemberment - Perpetual Malice - Black Metal by papertigerstudios

[title unknown] - Black Sabbath - [release date unknown]
Everyone is waiting for this one. I know the previous attempt with Rubin fizzled and I'm not 100% convinced he's the man for the project but who am I to question Sabbath? With Tony Iommi's recent lymphoma announcement I hope first and foremost that his health improves and, secondly, that this monster rocks.

[title unknown] - Ghost - [release date unknown]
Decibel's February 2012 issue reports on the Opus Eponymous follow-up, quoting the band as saying "All the material for the album is ready to be recorded and, yes, we have chosen a title. Thematically, there is a slight difference, lyric-wise. The lyrics on Opus Eponymous are written in a pre-Antichrist state, whereas the lyrics on the new album will deal with the presence of the Devil and the Antichrist. And, more importantly, how mankind relates to this. Musically, the new songs are a bit more grandiose and 'divine' in their sound and overall aura - a bit more golden and religiously lavished." I cannot wait.

These are just a few high on the radar that I'm waiting for. Of the dozens of new metal releases on the calendar, there also remain promises for new records in 2012 from Job for a Cowboy, UFO, King Diamond(!!!), Astra and reissues of more Death records from Relapse (the unholy trifecta of Scream Bloody Gore, Leprosy and Spiritual Healing). 2012 already looks very, very promising.

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